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Safety, Emergency &

Fire-Prevention Products :

o Ash Bins *
o Ashtrays   (inc. Specialised Safety Ashtrays)
o Cigarette Disposal Stations
o Emergency Exit Signs
o Emergency Lights
o Fire Assembly, Escape & Exit Signs
o First Aid Signs
o Flood Lights
o No Entry Message Sign
o No Smoking Message Sign
o [Ordinary] Exit Signs
o Safety Guards
o Search Lights
o Sliding Door Signs
o Toilet Signs
o Waste Bins   (inc. Specialised Safety Bins)

* Ash Bins are a popular combination of bin and ashtray.

We also offer
o a Custom Safety Fabrications Service
   (Your own Custom Safety Designs, Models or Prototypes made to order.)

o a Lighting Diffuser Replacement Service for fluorescent lights.
   (The diffuser is the removable outer casing around the light. Normally this casing
   diffuses the bright light of the inner tube around the room. However, if the
   diffuser casing is cracked, broken or missing, it can be hazardous to the eyes.)

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